Waste disposal equipment

SKI" safety barriers

Definition In raised position, anti-drop system In lowered position, system to prevent waste from falling between the dock wall and the skip. Application: Only when the bottom of the container is...

Patented material

ARTIKUL" barrier

Barrier for professional tipping, emptying is carried out under the supervision of the waste center attendant Complies with standard NF P01-012

DOK" bucket elevator system

- Mechanically welded stucture for raising the height of waste disposal bins. - Height to be defined when ordering (max. height = 1.3 m) - Useful length = 6.5 m - Upper stucture including ...

ECOPAKT concept
Flatbed waste disposal

The GILLARD Company has developed products and tools aimed at offering local authorities an alternative to traditional waste disposal centres. A flat waste collection centre, also known as a dockless waste collection centre or a...

Patented material

Paktor Mi3" Single Unit Compactor at the dock

Installation Mi3 monoblock compactor at the quay. - Dimensions adapted similar to a 30m³ skip in order to place the compactor at the bottom of the quay - Allows emptying into the hopper...